How We Can Help




  • Subdivision and site classification investigations, earthworks advice and Level 1 and Level 2 earthworks supervision
  • Pile, footing and excavation inspections
  • Geotechnical investigations across the Northern Territory and WA
  • Pavement and construction materials suitability investigations
  • Geotechnical investigations in remote communities 
  • Terrain and land use assessments
  • Rockfalls and slope stability assessments including rock anchor and soil nail advice
  • Dam stability assessments
  • Investigations in culturally sensitive communities and liaison with Traditional Owners
  • Bridges, aquaculture (prawn and barramundi farms) and solar farms
  • Forensic investigations into settlement of structures including underground tanks and residential properties
  • Land suitability and capability assessments
  • Quarry Investigation and assessment of resources
  • Upgrade and widening of rural and urban roads

WANT Geotechnics can also assist with desk top studies, assessment of acid sulfate soils and salt intrusion, plate bearing tests, provision of contract and specification advice for earthworks